Partnership with Children

Our work in Community Schools

Community Schools

Partnership with Children has been the lead CBO at P.S.67 for 5 years and counting. We are a team that consists of a Community School Director, a Social Work Director, and a Senior Social Worker. 

Our goal is to build on the integrated student supports in individual counseling, groups, and trauma-informed schools where children have the supports they need, Partnership with Children also integrates a Community Schools program in schools. This nationwide education strategy, through partnerships between schools and their community resources, integrates academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement. New York City is a leader in the community school model and Partnership with Children among the most active organizations in the community schools network. Our 14 community schools benefit from the integrated student supports that are core to our mission, as well as from additional partners to offer a range of supports for the school community.

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Our Mission

Partnership with Children works to strengthen the emotional, social, and cognitive skills of vulnerable children in New York City to help them succeed in school, society, and life.

Our Goal

Partnership with Children supports the well-being of New York City public school students. Our staff builds a foundation for lifelong social and emotional wellness through a unique combination of student and school-level supports. These supports are especially important when schools and neighborhoods have a high percentage of poverty. As a result, students are successful, families are involved, teachers are more effective, and schools are supportive.